We are excited to announce the line up for our Exhibits & Experience Lounge at TEDxMileHigh: Reset on 12/1!

Reset is aligning our values and renewing our purpose. Sometimes we open too many tabs – on our devices and in our lives – and our focus is divided. We need a Reset. Reset challenges us to step outside of what has become routine and ask if what we are doing still carries vision or if our time is spent on misaligned expectations or a path that has long since diverged. Reset gives us the permission to re-center and build our passions and purpose from there.

Reset means considering the world around us and collaboratively finding solutions. What are the big issues impacting humanity? What is happening in our local, regional, national, and global environments that is requiring the need for a shift? Reset asks us to take the time to converse, listen, and learn from one another. It invites us to center around our shared experience, admit when we are wrong, and implement change that includes everyone. Reset invites the type of collaboration that meets challenges at the core and breathes fresh air into the most pressing issues of our day.

One of the ways we’re inviting collaboration and a reset is through our Exhibits & Experiences Lounge. This will be home to many individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact on the Denver community. The Exhibits & Experiences Lounge is a place where you can interact with ideas and experience real life-change through community and collaboration. Rediscover your passions and reset at the Exhibits & Experiences Lounge. Get a sneak peek at the exhibits that will be included here, and if you haven’t bought your ticket to Reset, what are you waiting for?!

We are excited to share information and social media information about our Reset exhibitors, and if you have not yet purchased your tickets, prices go up on 11/29, so don’t wait!

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TEDxMileHigh Book Store | Powered by Boulder Book Store

The TEDxMileHigh Book Store is powered by Boulder Book Store. Inventory will include books written by and/or affiliated with the Reset speakers, a few hits written by previous speakers, books from the TED library, and interesting and relevant new releases.

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Denver Slow Fashion | A Look Behind the Seams

Walk through the process of slow fashion creation to learn about the differences between slow and fast fashion – the creative process, the impacts on people, and the impacts on the environment.

Fashion Denver | Fshneco | Equillibrium Clothing | AnnaFesta | FestaSports | Mona Lucero


Denver Philharmonic Orchestra Zoo  | Music at Your Fingertips

Honk! Buzz! Strum! Play your way through our Instrument Petting Zoo — try out a harp, violin, trombone and more at seven stations manned by musicians from the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra.

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DenVR – Art, Music, Education | Every World Available

Experience live virtual reality experience rooted in music, the arts, and self-expression with DenVR!

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Edgar Dumas at The Humble Monkeys Studio | The People’s Mural

Pick up a paintbrush and help create a community mural with artist Edgar Dumas and your local TEDx’ers!

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Fiske Planetarium | Clues from Planet Surfaces

What clues lie within the surface geology of various planets, and how are recent discoveries resetting scientists’ views of how the universe works? Fly through the solar system in this inflatable planetarium as you explore “reset” as a powerful tool for learning about planetary science on an astronomical timescale.

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Galvanize | Charging Station & Student Showcase

Galvanize is teaming up with TEDxMileHigh to bring you a true Galvanize experience highlighted by capstone projects from some of their most talented students.Galvanize will also be offering space to pull out your laptop, record your notes, and charge your mobile devices. Experience what it  is like to work at a Galvanize campus here in Denver!



Guayaki Yerba Mate | Market Driven Rainforest Regeneration

Visit Guayaki’s gourd circle to learn about their market driven rainforest regeneration business model and discuss ways you can get more involved and vote with your dollar! Guayaki will be handing out free cans of yerba mate while teaching about mate and sustainability.



Health-Ade Kombucha | Follow Your Gut

Follow your gut and enjoy kombucha samples from Health-Ade Kombucha. Health-Ade is proud to be brewing real fermented food 100% the old school way, with every bottle of kombucha made in small batches with care for the environment.

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Keplinger Research Group | HASEL Artificial Muscles for Life-like Robotics

Explore and interact with HASEL artificial muscles, developed by the Keplinger Research Group at University of Colorado Boulder. Inspired by nature, this breakthrough technology promises to enable a new generation of more life-like robots.



Kimothy Joy  | That’s What She Said: Wise Words from Influential Women

“That’s What She Said: Wise Words from Influential Women” showcases artwork from Denver-based illustrator Kimothy Joy’s book of portraits and quotes featuring remarkable women throughout history and present-day. This series will encourage viewers to not only reflect on these women and their contributions but to also consider the impact they themselves can have on society when they bravely speak their truths.

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National Mental Health Innovation Center | Tech Innovation Network

Experience meditation through virtual reality at this peaceful exhibit by virtually escaping to beautiful scenery and colorful imagery.



Natura Obscura | What’s Your Nature?

Natura Obscura is an immersive art and technology exhibit that’s part art museum and part virtual reality experience. Experience “walking”into your favorite painting where you can hear, smell, touch and explore everything around you!



Recharge + Reset | Powered by Cellular Plus Verizon

Visit the Cellular Plus Verizon charging station to charge your mobile devices while enjoying the event!

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SoundDown Party + Alt Ethos | A Futuristic Party of Light, Motion, & Sound

Enjoy a wildly fun and immersive silent disco with a unique twist. Experience a digital “hall of mirrors” via video-mapping LED screens and eye-catching art, as you boogie down with your fellow TEDx’ers inside a futuristic activation.

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TEDxMileHigh Adventures

Visit the TEDxMileHigh Adventures exhibit and learn how to explore big ideas – up close and personal – as you experience the work and vision of Colorado creatives, innovators, and thought-leaders. “Get your hands dirty” with big ideas and take action to build a better Colorado and a better world.

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Meditation Zone | Reset Your Senses | Powered by UpRamp

The UpRamp dome will be a place for TEDx participants to relax and unwind from all of the incredible stimulation of the day. Visitors will be able to relax on comfortable seats, surrounded by plants and calming scents.

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