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All Together sounds like a sweet song, but the reality is that the compromise underneath is hard work. But communities grow up through hard choices.

All Together means coming back to our hearts and humanity and letting go of the fear and disinformation that keeps us stuck.

It’s about acknowledging our desire to be right and then choosing to do right by each other instead.

And this is the beauty of coming all together: It’s not easy at first, but hard choices now lead to better times ahead. The way forward needs each of us to bring our differences to chart a path, all together

Join us on Saturday, June 26 from 5:00-7:15pm as we come all together to explore ideas in science, art, poetry, and community.

Check out the digital program for the full All Together Experience.

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When you give to TEDxMileHigh, you advocate for education, civic engagement, and stronger communities. TEDxMileHigh exists to spread big ideas and solutions related to the biggest issues facing the world. We are a community of thinkers, creators, and activists with a core belief that ideas can change the world, and the TEDxMileHigh stage is a catalyst for that change.

As a small nonprofit organization, we rely on your generous support to make our programming possible. Every $100 gift underwrites 10,000 views of our talks and supports our transformative live events and digital communities. We cannot do this without you.

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