Ever tried whiskey infused with peach? Or how about a chunky, mustarda cherry fig? These unorthodox flavors should raise some eyebrows and make some mouths water. Luckily, Maura Gramzinski, the founder of RedCamper, has created many of these unconventionally delicious products which have contributed to the culinary spirit of Colorado. On Tuesday, October 25th, TEDxMileHigh’s Adventures brought us back to Whole Foods Market in Capitol Hill. As I entered the cafe adjacent to the noisy checkout counters, the aroma of cheese, jam, and other finger-sized food stimulated my senses. Even though I was aware of what RedCamper was, I could not prepare for the unusual sensation my tongue was about to experience. ted_wholefoodsblog-03 ted_wholefoodsblog-04 ted_wholefoodsblog-05 First, I was greeted by Maura who was already cooking up two jams for her demonstration. Before we could dive into conversation, I discerned something peculiar by the windows. Placed on the sidebar were trays of cheese and colorful jams. I had to satisfy my curiosity and investigate for the sake of my taste buds. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone in this attraction; more people, specifically women, began pouring into the dining area eager to try some of Maura’s unique treats. Before we knew it, the show began! She started by welcoming everyone. Next, she told the story of her journey getting to where she was today. After leading multiple creative product campaigns over more than a decade, she discovered a love for jam prompting her to continue on with RedCamper. In these products, she emphasized the creative passion it took to make this possible. Later, she mentioned that coming up with the recipes was like creating a painting, except the paint is edible. As a woman in Colorado, her entrepreneurial creative spirit outshined most when developing RedCamper. She worked diligently to make her efforts a reality even when she was financially stressed. After a series of travels, her dreams evolved into one of Colorado’s brilliant brands. Maura has only a handful of people that help her on a regular basis so much of her work is done from the intimacy of her own home. This was evident while she gave her demonstration consisting of two large pots, hot plates, and various items from her kitchen. Everyone felt as if they were in her living room smelling the emanation of delectable jams seeping out of the pots. ted_wholefoodsblog-06 ted_wholefoodsblog-07 As her speech came to an end, the attendees were invited to make their own chutney using mainly locally sourced ingredients from Whole Foods. Each one cranked up their imaginations in order to make the most unique chutney. Many adventurers came up with flavors stranger than the ones by Maura, but none as tasty as the whiskey peach jam (in my opinion!). I could feel connections strengthen as the women shared with each other their new recipes. By the time I realized that the time existed, I looked down at my watch to see that the Adventure was already over! My belly was full, my taste buds satisfied, and knowledge of local jams expanded. Maura reassured to all of us that creativity and imagination are the keys to success in Colorado. She was a walking example of perseverance and inspiration for not only women of this great state, but all those who desire to achieve more. ted_wholefoodsblog-09 ted_wholefoodsblog-10 ted_wholefoodsblog-11 Thanks to all who attended, and thank you Maura for such a memorable experience! A special thank you to our partner, Whole Foods Market! Thank you http://mmarkle.com/Melissa Markle Photography for capturing our Adventure!