[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are building a momentum of inspiration at TEDxMileHigh, uniting those who ask the questions that trigger curiosity – explorers, maverick thinkers, and innovators. I am thrilled to invite you to our largest event yet, TEDxMileHigh 2017: Wonder. Early Bird tickets go on sale Tuesday, and at $40, we are offering them at lowest price in five years.

We tend to temper our curiosity as we become busy in life. We grow accustomed to how things are and eventually forget to fully question. But there is nothing stronger than the power of human curiosity.

Our destiny lies in the hands of those who wonder – those who observe closer, investigate deeper, and make the most profound discoveries. That desire to wonder lies within each of us.

On Saturday, November 11th, you can expect a group of extraordinary individuals to deliver “the talk of their lives,” and activate your sense of wonder. We are creating spaces for you to immerse yourself in, engage in creative exchanges, and explore your imagination. You will discover ideas already embedded in your curiosity that have the power to transform your life and our community.

Until then, join us on Facebook to view newly-released videos from our July event, including talks from social justice warrior, Theo E. J. Wilson, and eclipse-chaser, David Baron, which share 7 million combined views over the last month. We would love to hear your reactions to these and other TEDxMileHigh talks.

This fall, let us depart from the normalcy of our daily lives, and allow ourselves to be captivated by the inexplicable, and propel our collective consciousness forward. I hope you will join us November 11th our largest and most wondrous event to date.


Founder + Curator