A sense of adventure. Confidence. Stubborn commitment. Passion. A ticket to TEDxMileHigh 2012. You may not need all of these to take a risk—but they sure help. This June, we’ll be engaging in some risky business at TEDxMileHigh 2012 under the theme of “Risk & Reward” (#TEDxMH12). For the second time, the event will bring together innovative Coloradans who will give the “talk of their lives” on the power of technology, design, education, social enterprise, and more. What’s that you say? You don’t think listening to the power of ideas is risky behavior? Well, you won’t exactly be jumping from a plane or running a brothel out of your suburban Chicago home while your parents are out of town, but you will taking a few risks when you purchase a ticket to TEDxMileHigh. Risk #1 Disrupting the Status Quo We all want to see change in the world and we know that means going against the grain and making tough, unpopular decisions. At TEDxMileHigh you’ll hear all the thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, humanitarians, and other speakers talk about taking that risk, whether it worked and ideas on how to take your next risk. Risk #2 Inspiration The risk in becoming inspired is embracing all ideas because actively seeking inspiration can be a challenge. You have to allow yourself to hear new ideas and introduce thoughts that challenge the concepts you hold true. So, by risking that what you hold to be true could be wrong, you are risking becoming inspired. Risk #3 Change Your Life (or Someone Else’s) Besides hearing engaging speakers talk about innovative ideas, networking is what TEDx is all about. If like attracts like, you can be sure that your fellow TEDites are passionately committed to enacting creative solutions to the world’s problems. At TEDxMileHigh 2012, you run the risk of meeting someone who will change your life with their idea—or maybe your idea will help change someone else’s life. These risks may seem small to you (especially if you regularly find yourself jumping out of planes or have Rebecca De Mornay circa 1983 in your house), but even the smallest rock creates ripples and changes the water. So, are you ready to get risky? Then purchase your tickets today an a and join us on June 2nd at TEDxMileHigh 2012. What risks have you have taken to cause positive change? What was the result?