Prepare for a Day of Curiosity, Discovery, and Awe at TEDxMileHigh: Wonder!


Join us for our biggest event yet on Saturday, November 11th at the Colorado Convention Center. TEDxMileHigh is uniting those who ask big questions – the ardent-hearted, the inquisitors, the explorers, and the pathfinders. Together, we’ll depart from the normalcy of our everyday lives to be fascinated by the inexplicable and enlivened by the unexpected.

It will feature three live sessions of speakers and an interactive exhibits lounge that will be sure to spark your imagination and stir your sense of adventure. Let Colorado’s brightest thinkers and doers activate your desire to think, critique, and create! Come marvel at new concepts, both large and small, and be inspired but the simple power we all have to impact our world.

Save the Date: November 11, 2017

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