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Our twenty-first event, TEDxMileHigh: Reset, is getting closer, and we are so excited to announce our full lineup of Speakers and Performers! 

RESET PAVES THE WAY FOR BIG IDEAS by opening doors for new opportunities and discovery. It helps us look at things from a new perspective and clear away what has been holding us back. It gifts us with the fresh passion and determination to experiment, innovate, and create. It empowers us to move forward together, reframing the ways we see the entrenched challenges facing our world, reimagining new opportunities for collaboration, reaffirming our shared humanity, and reanimating our purpose.

TEDxMileHigh: Reset will be home to educators, advocates, and leaders who will no doubt encourage you into a reset of your perspectives, values, and passion for change. They will ask you to re-evaluate the way you think about the world and the issues we’re currently facing. They will challenge you to restore your faith in humanity, and more importantly your faith in yourself to make a difference. They will renew your courage and give you the freedom to reset and restore the best version of yourself!

Meet the full lineup of TEDxMileHigh: Reset speakers here.

To read more about each speaker, visit our Speaker page.

Reset Speakers!

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