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Dr. Veronica Barassi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University of London. Her research focuses on the impacts of data technologies and artificial intelligence on society. She founded Child | Data | Citizen and authored two books, Activism on the Web: Everyday Struggles against Digital Capitalism and the forthcoming Child | Data | Citizen. Veronica was born in Italy, and currently splits her time between London & Los Angeles. She has two daughters with her Scottish husband, Paul.

Imagine 2019 speaker Veronica Barassi shares her thoughts with TEDxMileHigh on data rights being human rights, secretly marrying in Las Vegas, journaling, and mindfulness. Find out what advice Veronica lives by and how you can support her big idea.

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Activism on the Web examines the everyday tensions that political activists face as they come to terms with the increasingly commercialized nature of web technologies and sheds light on an important, yet under-investigated, dimension of the relationship between contemporary forms of social protest and internet technologies.

Drawing on anthropological and ethnographic research amongst three very different political groups in the UK, Italy and Spain, the book argues that activists’ everyday internet uses are largely defined by processes of negotiation with digital capitalism. 

Barassi’s second book, Child | Data | Citizen, is forthcoming and is under contract with MIT Press

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