Here's why the music you listen to matters

What kind of music do you like — hip-hop, country, opera? All three? Music should bring us together, but more often, it divides. So step out of your musical comfort zone and lean into three vibrant performances by Vocal COalition, Pink Hawks, Trout Steak Revival, and The Reminders.

Travis Branam Headshot

Travis Branam is the co-founder of Vocal Coalition (VoCO), a youth choir that pairs middle and high school students with professional artists on stage in an effort to build community through music. He serves as the Assistant Conductor for the Colorado Symphony Chorus and has developed forward-thinking music production classes at Denver North High School. Travis lives in Denver with wife Emily and dog Olive, and enjoys hiking, camping, watching baseball, and spending time with his church family.

What sparks your curiosity?

The “why” and “how” behind the ways humans choose to engage with music sparks my curiosity. Not only do we all have unique personal stories, but unique musical stories as well. Both stories overlap and intersect in deep and meaningful ways, heavily impacting how we interact with the world around us. One simply is not the same without the other. The interconnectedness of it all is fascinating to me.

What inspires awe and fascination for you?

I would say that I am most awestruck by space. Stars. Galaxies. A night sky observed at 10,000 feet from somewhere in The Rockies with no artificial light around to dim its magic. A star-filled sky that can make you feel wildly insignificant and vitally important all at once. Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. I want to go to there.

Hobbies / Passions / Fun Facts

Although I make my home in the mountains, the ocean is where I feel the most at peace; the most at home. I like to get away to the ocean whenever possible. Here at home in Denver, I enjoy quality time with my wife Emily and dog Olive, hiking, camping, watching baseball, and doing life with my church family: the Lakewood Church of Christ.

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