The Watergirls are KC Groves (mandolin), Sally Truitt (banjo), Enion Pelta Tiller (fiddle), Monica Whittington (guitar), Cynthia Renwick (bass) and Lauren Ling (fiddle). All six live and make music in Lyons, Colorado, one of the towns hardest hit by the biblical flooding of September 2013. Each had their own experience with the flood and it’s aftermath, but all share a common desire to heal themselves and their community through their songs and music. KC (“K-Dot”) is a touring bluegrass musician and was in Utah when the alarm sounded in Lyons. She spent several days feeding information to her friends in Lyons from the outside world, watching the news and worrying about her hometown. Enion (“Eni”) was at home with her family when the waters came to take her home and land. Lauren (“Ling Ling”) is a snowmobiler and avid hunter. She sought refuge with nine others while Lyons was cut off from the rest of the world. Sally (“Sassy”) is an artist who paints monsters. She safely evacuated her children, parents, nephew and eight dogs moments before the river breached the bridge adjacent to her property. Monica (“Monkey”) loves the great outdoors, but was inside panicking when the warning call roared at 2:30am. Cynthia (“Cindy”) loves traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. She slept through the sirens at her home in Lyons and the waters came to her back door. When asked where they see Lyons one year from now, the response was immediate: ‘Rebuilt, stronger, and better than ever with an even greater commitment to be community-minded, and to live in harmony with our natural surroundings.’ You might see them with an instrument in their hands tonight, a shovel in the back of their cars tomorrow, but most assuredly in one year, you will see them with smiles on their faces. Who says Water always wins?