Naren Dasan is a senior at Fairview High School in Boulder with interests in technology and design. He hopes to pursue computer science and design in the future. He works as a freelance web developer with in the community as well as donating his time to other causes including Fairview’s web team. He designed and built Fairview’s mobile web application and now runs the school’s site. Naren has also conducted research on weather modeling at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, using high performance computing systems to analyze large datasets for new correlations in climate such as severe weather and climate. Now, Naren works for the University of Colorado Boulder at Correll Lab, a computer science lab dedicated to research in swarm robotics. His focus is the potential ways people may interact with these developing technologies including interface design and collective action. He published a paper on his work in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and presented his work at the international conference TEI2014 in Munich, Germany. During his free time Naren likes investigate developing technologies such as autonomous vehicles and 3D printers as well as playing tennis.