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Kimberly Corban | Victim Advocate

Kimberly Corban grew up in Greeley, Colorado, and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Psychology. She also studied in the Criminal Justice Master’s Program at UNC. In May 2006, a stranger broke into her college apartment and raped her. Her testimony led to his arrest and conviction. Today, she empowers survivors and works to prevent sexual assault. She enjoys golfing with her husband, singing Disney songs with her kids, and co-hosting her podcast “Life As She Knows It.” She will defend the Oxford comma until she can no longer speak, write, or communicate.

The difference between shame & guilt is vital to assault survivors as they reclaim their identity & combat societal blame. Dr. Browns disarming communication has helped me greatly over the years in how I message & live my life. Her work showing shame needs secrecy, silence, & judgement to thrive is a living truth for trauma victims. I revisited this & smiled at her prophetic phrase: The two most powerful words when we’re in struggle: me too.

What sparks your curiosity?

I find social psychology fascinating; learning about what makes us the way we are. I’m forever interested in how we use that knowledge to better ourselves and our communities. Providing courage to employ our self-awareness can lead to groundbreaking communication and practices designed to promote healing from trauma. Figuring out what gives us that courage and how others have found their own keeps me relentlessly searching for more.

What was the biggest change or turning point in your life, and why? Tell us a story!

Life as I knew it ended the morning I was raped. It was a long fight coming back to life, but releasing my name publicly upon my attacker’s conviction shifted my personal identity from victim to survivor. I formed a sense of strength over this horrible event, finding the courage to take back control and write my own ending. It was terrifyingly vulnerable, yet freeing. By speaking out and sharing my story, it encouraged other survivors to find their voices as well.

Hobbies | Passions | Fun Facts

I’m married to my best friend and hero and we are raising four amazing kiddos (and two dogs). I am fluent in three languages: English, sarcasm, and movie quotes. I will defend the Oxford comma until I can no longer speak, write, or communicate.

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