Joy Lujan is a senior community planner with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program. Luhan holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental design from CU Boulder and a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from CU Denver. As a planner, facilitator and mediator, Lujan helps communities work together to create visions and reach shared goals through inclusive, collaborative planning efforts involving diverse stakeholders with a wide range of perspectives on natural resource protection and outdoor recreation.


As chair of the board of directors of the Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization (CLLARO), Lujan helped stabilize, build and strengthen this newly-merged nonprofit to focus on and achieve its vision and mission.  CLLARO’s vision is to eliminate disparities in educational achievement, economic opportunity, social integration, health and well-being, and civic representation.  Lujan’s commitment is to inspire people find and use their inner power, potential and passion to make positive changes in their lives and help them translate that individual power into collective action through collaboration.  Lujan also founded the Center for Civility and Collaboration, LLC to bring people together to create solutions that last. The Center facilitates a shift in the process by which people have conversations complex issues and brings the skills of collaboration, shared understanding, respectful dialogue and cooperation to decision-making for successful outcomes.