Josh Baptist is a young, aspiring and innovative researcher with a love and passion for all fields of science, and he has been conducting research in many fields in and outside of universities since he was 16. He carried out self-directed research in experimental nanophysics and nanochemistry while studying at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; some of this research focused on photosynthetic and radiofrequency fabrication of nanoparticles and structures, micro and macrofluidic plasmonic biosensing technologies, and devices for nanomaterial synthesis, separation and characterization. Josh is now working at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering in macro, micro and nano technologies. He also owns a startup company, Minerva Enterprises, dedicated to commercial application and fabrication of novel nanotechnologies, as well as research and industrial nanomaterial manufacture. Through these experiences, he enjoys most using science to better the future through applied micro and nanotechnology.