Life at 3 MPH

What if we all lived life at 3 mph? Wayfarer Jonathon has walked thousands of miles over the last few years in response to that question, including an across-country walk to raise support for In this riveting talk, Jonathon asks us to question the design of our cities and implores the audience to get out of the car, off the bike, and into a slower state of mind.

Jonathon Stalls is a passionate spiritual seeker, social entrepreneur and devoted long-distance walker based in Denver, CO. He has given much of his life to inspire human connection at an unhurried pace alongside a broad range of people groups. He is Founder and Member-Owner of Walk2Connect, a worker-owned cooperative focused on connection-based walking programs for people, places and community. He completed a 3,030-mile 8.5-month walk across the USA in 2010 and recently completed his studies at the Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can learn more about his new creative project, Intrinsic Paths on Patreon and on Facebook