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Carson Bruns | Tattoo Technologist

Carson Bruns is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering with the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. He received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Northwestern University under the guidance of Nobel Laureate J. Fraser Stoddart and was a Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. His research uses molecular nanotechnology to develop new materials with applications in areas such as biomedicine, energy transduction, and human-computer interfaces. He grew up in the Sweetheart City – Loveland, Colorado.

I like Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” talk because it inspired me to think hard about the way I communicate about my work and change it for the better. 

What sparks your curiosity?

The interface between art and science.

What was the biggest change or turning point in your life, and why? Tell us a story!

The three years I spent living in Berkeley California was the most transformational period in my life. The interdisciplinary environment of the Miller Institute where I was working as a Postdoctoral Fellow, combined with an immersion in the radical culture of Burning Man, gave me the courage to pursue radically interdisciplinary ideas in my independent career.

Hobbies | Passions | Fun Facts

1. I am a visual artist and I work in painting, illustration, digital art, flow arts, and tattoo. 2. I am passionate about color, and invented a new interdisciplinary course at CU Boulder on the science and art of color. 3. My favorite form of exercise is dancing.

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