Bianca Griffith is the Executive Director of Sante Natural, a charity which she founded in 2008, that addresses sustainability and health issues in West Africa.  She is also the Communication Director of the Clean Technology Challenge and Project Manager for the UCL Enterprise Society in London. She is passionate about innovation and international sustainable development and has spent time studying related issues in the US, Brazil, Senegal, France, and the UK.  She currently lives in London where she is pursuing a degree in Urban Planning at University College London and working on learning her eighth language in the evenings.  When she is not in London or in her hometown of Boulder, CO, she spends her time working in Africa.  She has recently concluded Green Africa, an international conference which she founded in the Gambia. Green Africa is an initiative that brings together senior government, industry, NGOs, and community leaders for collaboration, workshops, and presentations aimed at invoking action to Africa’s most pertinent sustainability issues.