Adrian Molina, AKA Molina Speaks, is a poet, performance artist and recording artist.  He has released several poetry collections and nearly a dozen music projects, spanning hip-hop, Latino, jazz and spoken word, experimental, soul and protest music. Molina is also a college professor, lecturer, social entrepreneur, activist, and youth advocate.  He teaches self-designed courses including The Art and Culture of Hip-Hop and Mass Media and Collective Consciousness.  He has been booked to speak and perform all over the country, and his music is featured in the documentary film Papers, which has screened in all 50 states.  Molina is a member of Cafe Cultura and a lead instructor for Flobots.Org.  He has designed Emcee School and Social Problems (Social Solutions) curriculum for and is a key player in the organization’s venture to build a state-of-the-art youth media studio on Denver’s west side. Molina’s art and music explore identity transformation and cultural transmission; time and space; relationships and sensuality; history and futurism; race, class and gender justice; youth advocacy and immigrants’ rights; cyborg technology and food justice.  Molina’s Build 2020 Manifesto – a book-on-tape over hip-hop and glitch beats – surveys the future of humanity, sustainability, and technology.  The artist also released a digital storytelling spoken word video chapbook titled Bronze Future: Letters for 2045.  This project is the first of its kind. For more info visit and @molinaspeaks