A Virtual Youth Adventure Exploring the Brain

Just like any muscle, you can build your brainpower. Join the Neuroscience Outreach Group of the University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus to explore the biology behind how our brains process the world around us. Learn how your brain is changing all the time and is a creativity machine! We’ll also dive in and demo how fear and stress affect how we understand the world, the impact of substances on our brain cells, how our brains develop, and how you can hack your brain!

Educators! We want to be a resource for you too.

TEDxMileHigh + High Costs Adventures believe in the power of helping youth translate ideas into action and positive life choices. The Meet Your Mind video lessons and this teaching guide have been crafted to help your students understand how the brain works and provide you with some fun demos exploring how the brain works, discussion questions, and additional resources.
Created for ages 12-16.


How do substances affect your brain?

Certain things you consume can affect your brain function. This module will explore the ways in which three different drugs affect your brain cells and the way you think. We’ll focus here specifically on marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco.


Learning windows and your developing brain!

Teenage years are marked with major changes within the brain, which lead to you process the world differently. Your interests, habits, and needs are all changing during these years. This module will explore some of these changes and why they are important for your growth as your brain develops during specific windows.


Our Uncharted Brains 

Our brains have evolved to be cautious of new things—sometimes, this cautiousness crosses over into fear. Here, we’ll introduce you to the amygdala—the part of your brain that processes fear. We’ll discuss how it works, how your conscious thoughts are only part of what your brain is doing all the time, and how it sometimes can make you fearful of things you don’t need to be scared of. We’ll also explore how stress can affect your decision making and brain function. Understanding how your brain processes fear and stress can help you better navigate your world!



The Neuroscience Outreach Group, University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus


The Neuroscience Outreach Group (NOG) is a group of students, post-docs, and faculty based out of the University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus. Our purpose is to engage the Front Range in STEM education outreach by connecting students with peers, professors and professionals in the communities. We convene to inspire, inform, and involve ourselves in all things neuroscience. 


High Costs gives youth the straight facts about marijuana, using unique and engaging tactics to educate on a substance that, while on its way to normalization in Colorado, is still illegal for recreational use by anyone under the age of 21. Learn more at TheHighCosts.com.

In partnership with the City and County of Denver and the High Costs campaign, TEDxMileHigh is curating a series of Adventures to help middle and high school students connect with positive activities while understanding how the high costs of underage marijuana use can affect their goals, dreams, and futures.