We all know exercise is important, but why? Exercise and athletics not only affect your body, but can change your mind and how you see the world.

Patrick S. Cross, sports therapist for the Denver Broncos, performance nutritionist, and trainer, explores what happens when you exercise, how what you put into your body affects you, and how to create your own custom routine. Get your workout clothes on and get ready to level up!

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About Host

Patrick S. Cross is a manual therapist, exercise therapist, and performance nutritionist. He works with a wide range of people from pro athletes like the Denver Broncos to chronic pain patients at Inner City Health Hospital.

In therapy, he takes a holistic approach to achieving the goals people have for improving performance, getting out of pain, or just simply living a healthier life. Looking at a person’s habits, core values, and social interactions, he prefers the long game approach achieve to lasting success.

Patrick is the owner and lead therapist at Unlock | Bodyworks, instructor and lecturer at MTIC, Clinical director for the student internship program at Inner City Health Hospital, and project manager for various community outreach and business model projects.


High Costs gives youth the straight facts about marijuana, using unique and engaging tactics to educate on a substance that, while on its way to normalization in Colorado, is still illegal for recreational use by anyone under the age of 21. Learn more at TheHighCosts.com.

In partnership with the City and County of Denver and the High Costs campaign, TEDxMileHigh is curating a series of Adventures to help middle and high school students connect with positive activities while understanding how the high costs of underage marijuana use can affect their goals, dreams, and futures.