Join the club and invite your group to experience Uncommon and get 10% off tickets!

When was the last time you and your friends or colleagues did something truly unique together on a weekend that made you think, left you feeling inspired, and kept you talking for weeks to come? On June 16th, we will embrace the novel, the new, and the disruptive at TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon. And the best news? When you purchase 10 or more tickets, you get a 10% discount on ticket prices!

Who should I bring?

Well, of course, your mom, the long-lost college dorm buddy you’ve just been reacquainted with, your friendly neighborhood grocery clerk, your third-cousin four times removed or even your fourth cousin three times removed. Whoever you can think of, this will be the perfect opportunity to gather a flock of people to step out of the ordinary for a day of inspiration and creativity.

Perhaps you’re in need of a girl’s day or a fella’s day out? Gather a group of friends and treat yourself to a day in Denver with creative, lively events and people.

Are you looking for a thought-provoking day of fresh perspectives and inspiration for your colleagues or work team? We know it’s easy to get burnt out by the routine of your daily work environment. Uncommon event week is a great opportunity for team-building as well as networking with like-minded attendees and innovative companies from across our great city. Grab your co-workers and spend the day educating and renewing your mind and sense of purpose!

If you’re an educator, you’ve probably introduced a TED/TEDx talk in your classroom or meeting. You can challenge your students, your colleagues, or fellow educators by immersing the group in fresh perspectives and dynamic conversations. It will undoubtedly broaden horizons and captivate your scholarly crew! Come watch the talks live and you’ll get a rare chance to meet the people on stage who give the talks of their lives.  

Join the 20th Celebration!

This will be our 20th TEDx event in the Mile High City! Since our launch in 2010, over 200 speakers have delivered their big ideas on the TEDxMileHigh stage. Together, we’ve shared creativity, innovation, and inspired citizenship with 35,000 live audience members and over 27 million online viewers. TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon will not only be another stellar day of big ideas, it will be a celebration of you, the TEDxMileHigh community and all the talks, exhibits, and experiences that have moved and transformed us over the past 8 years.

No matter who you come with, you’ll be introduced to groundbreaking, interesting ideas by speakers, exhibitors, and experiences pushing the limits of mundane and average. Identify some people in your life who need to be challenged, encouraged, or who just need a day spent out of the ordinary. Invite them to attend TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon, take advantage of the 10% group ticket discount, and don’t miss this event!