We don’t love job descriptions at TEDxMileHigh. Truth be told, we don’t even like calling them jobs.

That said, we need a few folks to join the team to accelerate big ideas to create big impact — so call it what you will...

See below to learn more about the full-time Director of Marketing, full-time Director of Operations, and part-time Chief of Staff positions. Applications are open until February 21, 2020.


If you live and breathe marketing, this role is for you. You are passionate about highly-effective marketing, and understand that success requires a combination of rigorous analytics and testing, consistent execution, creative content marketing, and strong strategic thought. You care more about what strategies work, rather than what marketers are “supposed to do.”Fe/h3>

Your goal will be to develop our marketing plan and implement it in a manner that leads to tremendous engagement and reach across our website, newsletter, social channels, and other marketing avenues. You will manage our marketing partners to ensure we fully optimize our website and paid advertising. You will help lead our social media, design, and event marketing interns, and collaborate with our designers, curators, and content creators to ensure overall marketing success. The end result of this will be a strong and unified brand, increasing ticket sales, and world-class content for our growing audience.

You have hands-on experience with web analytics and turning ideas into highly-effective marketing campaigns across all channels. You are flexible and versatile, and take pride in doing whatever it takes to get the word out. You can own a marketing plan from ideation and creation to implementation and tracking. You have proven experience in identifying target audiences and in executing marketing plans across a number of channels. You are very comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics, and processing figures with spreadsheets. Experience with setting up and managing Google Adwords and Facebook ads is a plus. You are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices for online marketing and measurement. You have a sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and witty communication.

We are looking for a full-time Director of Marketing. With that said, we can be flexible for the right candidate, so we encourage you to apply as long as you can allocate 20 hours per week or more to this position. Several years of experience as a marketing professional is required. Experience with email marketing, paid search, organic social media, and website management is preferred. Experience with events and building partnerships is preferred, but not required.

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You enjoy operational excellence and ensuring that systems and teams work well. You love details and efficiency measures, and understand how they connect to the longer-term vision. You take pride in world-class culture, as well as the importance of accountability. You are an extraordinary complement to a strategic CEO.

You have a wide range of skills, and enjoy growing with an organization. We will look to you to manage invoicing, oversee expense control, manage vendors, and maximize employee efficiency. You will monitor our operational metrics and plans, add new ones as needed, and measure our progress in achieving them. You are comfortable reviewing spreadsheets, identifying what factors are driving results, and making regular adjustments to achieve success. You take pride in creating world-class procedures and constant improvement towards operational metrics. 

You are equally comfortable supporting a team as you are managing one. You will help make things smoother and easier for everyone on the team across different departments. At the same time, you will provide coaching and feedback on performance to ensure we are constantly improving as an organization. You will work closely with the CEO to expand the organization’s revenues and align the operations with the organization’s mission and strategy. You will work relentlessly to improve the organization’s financial outcomes and mission-related metrics. 

We are looking for a full-time Director of Operations. We are also considering half-time applicants, as we can be flexible for the right candidate. We encourage you to apply as long as you can allocate 20 hours per week or more to this position. Experience in operations (e.g. Operations Manager, Director of Operations, or COO) is required. Experience with events and building partnerships is preferred, but not required. Most important is strong leadership, a passion for understanding the underlying drivers of an organization, and a commitment to financial, cultural, and operational success.

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You enjoy growth, and know that generalists and quick learners can have tremendous impact in an organization. You are equally comfortable managing administrative activities as you are leading strategic initiatives. You take pride in expanding the reach of the CEO, and, in turn, making the organization better.

You are versatile and enjoy the variety that comes with a Chief of Staff role. You are equally comfortable being an assistant to the CEO as you are learning how to move forward strategic initiatives. This role will require both. You will be managing email accounts and communications, while facilitating meetings and advisory boards with grace and agility. You will be scheduling meetings with potential partners and speakers, while thinking strategically and conducting critical research to support our content and organizational growth. You will be engaged in multiple departments and play a crucial communication role to keep the CEO fully informed. At other times, you will serve in his place to move important initiatives forward.

While the Chief of Staff will make many important decisions and has strong leadership skills, this is a role designed to support the CEO. You will be successful if you help the CEO in making better and faster decisions, ensuring he has the insight he needs, and the time and ability to build deeper relations with advisory boards, partners, speakers, and other constituencies. You will be connected to most of what the organization does, so you will have an opportunity to contribute to the organization very quickly.

We are looking for someone who is half-time. This will allow you to play a significant role with our organization, while still learning and growing through outside projects. If you can play a successful role in growing our revenues and strategic initiatives, there is an opportunity for this role to grow into a full-time role over time. Experience as an Executive Assistant or Chief of Staff is preferred, as is experience working with events. But, most important is a history of success, extraordinary communication skills, an ability to learn quickly, an openness to taking on both administrative and strategic work, a commitment to serve, and a passion for doing world-class work.

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You enjoy telling the stories of individuals, selling-out events, building community relationships, and developing strategies for year-round media. If you get excited about exploring new ideas on a daily basis, building a media organization aimed at being the hub for intellectual conversation in Colorado, and ensuring that all the details to make it happen are covered, this is for you.

You Like to Tell a Good Story

This is transformative work, in a transformative space, during a transformative time, and you want to let everyone know about how they can get involved. You are a brand champion. You understand how to develop a brand story, identify your target audience, and leverage our brand in channel and product marketing campaigns.

You Get Things Done

This is not your first rodeo. You’re a multitasking machine. You own your work. You follow through on every request, no matter how big or small. You keep your cool under pressure and know how to prioritize. And when you need help, you’re not afraid to ask for it.

You Have a Team Ethos and Independent Drive

You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced startup environment, with people who are passionate about their work and mission. You’re not just excited to work cross-functionally, you demand it. You’re also comfortable working independently, and getting it done and owning your role and responsibility.

You’re Flexible, a Quick Responder

The messaging we’re pushing and conversation we’re starting is dynamic and each day brings fresh and exciting challenges. You can react quickly and efficiently when called upon to change or pivot. You like special projects and learning new things.

You Get Under the Hood

Our team digs deep. They do what’s necessary for quality. The integrity of our messaging is a core value, so your attention to detail must be impeccable.

You Believe That No Problem is Too Hard

You find ways to get it done. You know how to articulate and roll out solutions, recognizing there are many solutions to the same problem. You find new and effective ways to streamline and create processes to increase efficiency.


TEDxMileHigh is a community of engaged, active, and driven individuals committed to ideas worth spreading in Colorado. TEDxMileHigh promotes inspired citizenship in our communities with the ultimate goal of creating a better, more connected Colorado.

This doesn’t just mean our events. Our goal is to be a source, a hub, of intellectual conversation in the Mile High region. We want to sell out events, but we also want a deep, integrated presence online through our blog, social media, website, talks, and videos.

Since 2011, we’ve produced 23 events for a collective audience of more than 55K thinkers and doers. Our talks online have been viewed 60 million times through online channels.

While our mission is big, we try to keep things light. We have a happy, productive workplace, and we’re constantly trying to improve. You’ll find us hustling on the job, having deep related and unrelated conversations seeking life’s truths, and enjoying a laugh with a Colorado craft brew.


We’d love to speak with you.

Please only apply to one position. If we believe you are a good fit for the other role based on your application, we will reach out.

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Applications extended until February 21, 2020.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible!