September 19, 2020
10am - 1pm

AGES 14-20

You don’t have to wait to be your own boss! Join us to explore how you can launch or grow your own business. We’ll dig in to how you can use your business to create positive change, how to find an ecosystem of resources and support, and how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in all you do. Through this adventure, you’ll get the chance to connect with other young entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors who have navigated the entrepreneurial journey.



Let’s Get Down to Business

Hosted by YouthBiz from the Young Amercian’s Center for Financial Education

TRACK 1: Prepare to Launch: Find Your Great Idea

Have you ever wondered, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Successful entrepreneurs have a gift for recognizing opportunities that can be transformed into innovative business ideas. That gift, however, doesn’t have to be something you’re born with. Thinking entrepreneurially can be learned! During this interactive, challenge-based workshop, participants will practice thinking entrepreneurially by solving real-life problems through business creation. Not only will participants leave with the start of an actual business plan, but they will also have gained the skills to generate innovative, new business ideas.


TRACK 2: Beyond a Business Plan: Growing Your Biz

Starting a business is hard, and growing it into a successful venture is even harder. This is true for adults and even more so for business owners under the age of 18.  Finding the right resources, funding, and encouragement while also navigating school, friends, jobs, and the future can seem overwhelming. In this workshop, participants will learn about ways to secure funding, dive into best practices around effective marketing tactics for teen businesses, and discuss the different distribution channels that are available to them. The best part? Participants will be connected with free resources, ongoing support, and a network of young entrepreneurs.


Business for Good

Hosted by Jorge Méndez, Director of Programs, Watson

How can we reimagine the ways entrepreneurship can be used for good? We live during an exciting time where new models for social projects, ventures, and entrepreneurship are emerging to address the challenges we face. In this exploration of social entrepreneurship we will explore how to understand the problem you want to solve, how to test the solution you are developing, how to tap into the resources that exist in your community, and how to measure the impact that you want to make. You don’t have to wait to change the world!


Mentor Power Hour


Track 1: Telling Your Business Story

Lucille Wenegieme

Every entrepreneur knows you need more than a good idea – you need a compelling story that connects with people. Learn more about how storytelling can grow your brand.


Track 2: I am + I can + I will. How to Think and Act like an Entrepreneur

Jonathan McMillian

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Learn how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset across all areas of your life that connects who you are, what you can do, and how you will get there.



Track 3: Rallying a Community for Your Social Venture

Social Entrepreneur Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar

If you are out to change the world, you are going to need a community to help carry the torch. Hear from a seasoned social entrepreneur about how he built relationships that multiplied his work.


Track 4: Building Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

No entrepreneur can go it alone, so we are here to help guide you to tools, communities, and resources that can support you on your entrepreneurial journey.



About our hosts


Eight inner-city teens and a community leader, founded YouthBiz to be a part of positive community solutions, creating a series of entrepreneurial projects to increase income and build translatable workforce experience for their peers. With a mission to empower youth to create their own successful futures through real-life experiences and hands-on programs in entrepreneurship, YouthBiz supports young entrepreneurs.

Jorge Méndez

As the Director of Programs for the Watson Semester Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado, Jorge leads and manages the programatic student experience, the Watson Mentor Program, the Master Course Teacher network, and works closely with his team to deliver a world-class entrepreneurship program for college students and graduates.

Watson Institute

Watson Institute is a place where next generation entrepreneurial leaders can find their community, discover their calling, and accelerate their careers. We provide the tools, network, mindset, and courage for the next generation to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, launch successful careers, and lead impactful lives.

Lucille Wenegieme

Lucille is a digital communications professional with backgrounds in political advocacy, fashion, and biomedical science. Her interdisciplinary approach to work and life is her greatest tool in the pursuit of cultivating genuine connection. As CEO & Co-Founder of Living IRL, Lucille is on a mission to create a space online where people can explore the myriad ways tech and social media are woven into our lives.

Jonathan McMillian

Jonathan is a husband, father, and native son of Denver with roots that spread all over the metro area. He is the founder and Chief Success Strategist of Be Better Than Average, a consulting company that provides success skills & personal development training through mentoring and life coaching services. Jonathan is also an author, facilitator and keynote speaker.

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

DEDO is leading an inclusive and innovative economy for all Denver residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. By supporting local and global business development, workforce development programs, and stabilization efforts in Denver’s diverse neighborhoods, we are creating opportunity for everyone to make a home, get a job, and build a future.

Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar

Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar is an artist and the founder of Pathos Labs, a non-profit focused on using technology to accelerate understanding across lines of difference. From a young age, empathy became a fascination, and he has made himself the subject of experiments worldwide to see how empathy can be achieved in difficult circumstances. 


High Costs gives youth the straight facts about marijuana, using unique and engaging tactics to educate on a substance that, while on its way to normalization in Colorado, is still illegal for recreational use by anyone under the age of 21. Learn more at

In partnership with the City and County of Denver and the High Costs campaign, TEDxMileHigh is curating a series of Adventures to help middle and high school students connect with positive activities while understanding how the high costs of underage marijuana use can affect their goals, dreams, and futures.