Experience Board

Our Experience Board helps to shape the attendee experience at our conference events. From environmental design, to exhibitor recruitment, to interactive experience planning – this board will ensure a top-notch experience for our attendees to be inspired and connect with big ideas.

Experience Board Members will:

*Members will join 1-2 of the following sub-committees.

Recruit + Coach Exhibitors – Board members will help to recruit innovators who are movin’ and shakin’ in our community and assist them to create exhibits that help our attendees connect with their work in hands-on, surprising + inspirational ways.

Plan + Execute Attendee Experiences – Board Members will craft and implement interactive “TEDxMileHigh” experiences and touch points throughout the conference to foster connection, rest + reflection and surprise + delight for our attendees.

Consult + Execute Environmental Design – Board members will bring our event theme to life, through creative wayfinding and general design elements. We need folks who can get creative with materials, budgets and execution.

Time Requirements:

Monthly board meetings, check-ins with TEDxMileHigh Staff, Outreach and Execution, Day-of Event Execution (4-8 hours per month, greater time required in the weeks leading up to conferences)

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Adventure Board

Adventures offer unparalleled, behind-the-scenes access to the people and places that make our community so dynamic. They extend the TEDx phenomenon beyond a single-day conference and offer a platform for the community to interface with speakers and innovators throughout the year – in hands-on, interactive settings.

Adventure Board Members will:

Outreach to Hosts + Lead Concept Development – Every board member will conduct outreach to hosting organization, coordinate logistics and develop concept in partnership with Adventure host.

Assist Marketing + Promotion Efforts – Board member will share Adventure concepts (on which they are acting as the lead) with their network and community. *TEDxMileHigh staff will lead the marketing efforts.

Co-host/Emcee Adventures – Board member will act as TEDxMileHigh representative on Adventures – making introductions, researching concepts/industry to lead discussion, and interacting with Adventure attendees.

Time Requirements:

Board meetings (every other month), check-ins with TEDxMileHigh Staff, 4-8 hours per month. Every board member is required to plan + execute one Adventure per quarter.

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