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Life After Burnout

Join TEDxMileHigh and Umadevi Gopaldass, founder of “The Great Burnout” and the “The Great Workforce” on an adventure to reinvent your job to be fullingfill and productive part of your life.

When work becomes misaligned with your values, it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a school teacher, your work ethic and self-motivating factors start to wane off. Add the work overload and the chronic stress and you’ll burnout in no time. If you feel your job has become meaningless and that you are producing bogus output all day for a paycheck, then it is time to get out of the rut.

Statistics don’t lie. At US$1 Trillion annual losses globally from mental health disorders driven by our jobs, World Health Organizations (WHO) is taking it seriously. In May of 2019, WHO included Burn-out in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon, raising urgency to an epidemic that has been largely ignored as an isolated individual’s failure to manage themselves at work.

Find out how negative work stressors and the growing incidence of work-related mental diseases affect you as an individual and as a larger part of a workforce when you are feeling burnt out at work. Leave here with a plan of action to breakout of burnout.

“Work and life are intertwined to the core of our existence. It is impossible to avoid one from spilling over to the other – work time versus family time, play time versus chores, earnings versus callings. The imbalance of one over the other wreaks havoc in ways beyond our control, also known as a burnout. “

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Uma Gopaldss is the founder of Leading Lotus, a firm that creates inspiring people strategy for organizations. For 28-years she has worked in 5 continents and industries like Oil and Gas, Gold Mining, Technology and Management Consulting, creating long-term growth through people success. She left her high-powered, corporate “ladder” crawling lifestyle to create real value and positive impact in today’s most toxically driven competitive business world. She was awarded “Woman of the year” by International Women’s Association for her excellence and passion in bettering leadership, and mentors for Everwise and Colorado Leadership Foundation. Uma graduated from the National University of Singapore and serves on the board of CO-LEAD International, a nonprofit advocacy group that champions transformative and sustainable leadership development worldwide.


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Februrary 20, 2020



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