TEDxYouth@MileHigh 2015 Exhibitor Lounge

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The TEDxYouth@MileHigh 2015 Exhibits Lounge showcased technology and product demonstrations, creative and artistic installations, and innovative ideas from ingenious entrepreneurship. These exhibitors are Colorado thinkers, doers, and organizations who are thinking outside the box and changing their communities for the better. The Exhibits Lounge was a space for event attendees to engage in social environments, participate in thought-provoking projects, and interact with these innovators and entrepreneurs.


2015 Exhibitors


Motion Capture Stage

By: University of Colorado Denver, Digital Animation Center

Motion Capture on the CU Denver Digital Animation Center’s portable Motion Capture stage, gave participants the opportunity to experience the latest in filmmaking technology. The CU Denver Digital Animation Center is one of the nations top animation and 3D computer Graphics schools. Important to the animation industry today is the use of Motion Capture. Think Avatar, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and many others. Now think about how they captured the life-like movement of the characters in those films. It was done with Motion Capture systems and the CU Denver’s DAC brought it’s portable motion capture stage,  providing a chance for attendees to experience this technology up close and personal as they interacted with the characters on screen.

Learn with Purpose

By: University of Colorado Denver

A ball pit, prize wheel and answer board helped students describe how to “Learn with Purpose”. Who ever thought purposeful learning could be this fun? Participants had a blast at The University of Colorado Denver’s exhibit. Students responded to questions color-coded with the ball they retrieved from the ball pit. Prizes were awarded for questions answered and the displayed answers created an interactive piece of art.


By: University of Colorado Denver Digital Design

YOUnicorn… allowed attendees to become a magical creature! In 1901 the author of the Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum mentions the idea of electronic spectacles that can overlay images and information onto “real” life… augmenting reality.

Today, Augmented Reality allows the viewer to have an enhanced experience through the use of a mobile device  and an augmented reality marker (AR marker). When the viewer points their mobile device at the AR marker, the phone or tablet accesses special content. The YOUnicorn app was developed by University of Colorado Denver dual major Digital Design/Illustration student, Jill Ayers and Scientific Media student, Kayla Mcilvaine with the support of Associate Professor Bryan Leister.

Difference Makers – Inspiring youth to create positive change through problem solving

Presented by: Kylan Bain | Sponsored by: Morgridge Family Foundation

A Difference Maker is anyone that can make a positive change in another’s life. Morgridge Family Foundation supported Difference Makers, by offering the opportunity to share difference maker ideas, but more importantly inspire others to create their own difference maker projects.  Ideas shared included an after school club that uses problem solving methods to come up with product ideas aim to address clean water, sanitation, electricity and lighting. to help those in need.

Arapahoe Libraries 2015: Off the Page

By: Arapahoe Libraries

Arapahoe Libraries not only talked up tech, but showed how we push the boundaries of libraries today to create the libraries of tomorrow.  Attendees found off-the-page energy and creativity flowing with a variety of high tech high jinks, including the opportunity to create out-of-this world light graffiti at this exhibit. Students made statements in graffiti, started up a conversation with a new talkative tech friend, a raucous robot named Owen, as well as destructed, redefined and reassembled their own creation at the toy-hacking station.

Break the Silence Around Mental Health

By: Mental Health Youth Action Board, Children’s Hospital Colorado

The Youth Action Board at Children’s Hospital Pediatric Mental Health Institute created a two minute video to spread a message about mental health; the message being, “break the silence”. They incorporated twelve emotions both through movement and poetry to represent the majority of the emotions present in mental health. Each letter represented two emotions. Exhibit attendees were encouraged to break the silence themselves by choosing one of the twelve emotion words and writing/drawing about it on a 4×6 sheet of paper that helped spread the message L.I.S.T.E.N. and will be placed in the Institute’s “We Listen” books.

Build a Robot

By: Modular Robotics

Blocks were turned into robots with one of two amazing robot construction systems from Modular Robotics, who make two types of robot construction systems for youth, Cubelets and MOSS. Each block is a different piece of a robot and assembling the blocks in different ways yields a tremendous variety of robots. Both systems make robot construction accessible to young minds because they don’t require programming to get started. Participants were provided with a hands-on building area where students were able to build and interact with robots of their own creation, freeing them to explore inventive ideas through play.

Cocoa and Courage

By: Strong, Smart & Bold Beans – A Social Enterprise of Girls Inc.

Bold Beans, a social enterprise of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, served up Cocoa & Courage. The high school girls who run Bold Bean circulated in the exhibit hall serving “cocoa & courage” by sampling this tasty treat with labels sharing quotes about courage.

Create a Dropsonde and Let It Fly!

By: UCAR Center for Science Education

Building and testing instruments is part of what scientists at The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) at their jobs.The Dropsonde wind tunnel activity let students build and test their own creations in a homemade wind tunnel. By using ideas involving loft, aerodynamics, shape and creativity the kids were able to see if their prototype creations could fly!

Experience aging to better connect with your elder neighbors!

By: Aging in Action

Aging is an important and growing issue as demographics shift in the United States, but it is personally an unknown as youth has never experienced the physicality of aging before. Participants at A Little Help’s exhibit were able to experience aging firsthand by simulating some of the physical challenges associated with advanced age. These “age explorers” completed household tasks before and after being fitted with encumbering devices to mimic the aging process, discovered the difficulty of such tasks. This experience helped participants understand the physical changes and challenges of aging and aimed to inspire youth to serve their elder neighbors.

Force and Innovation

By: Science Matters in America

When discovering the four forces of flight through a water rocket experiment, students had the opportunity to innovate a design for a successful lander. Science Matters had a water rocket displaying the four forces of flight: lift, drag, gravity, and thrust.  The students were given the chance to use the water rocket, which travels along a fixed vertical line, and understand how it exhibits the four forces of flight.  After they used the water rocket, they were posed with the challenge to create a lander that can be dropped from the height of the rocket to the ground while keeping all of its passengers (i.e. paperclips) inside and safe.  The students used the theme “Ideas Unbridled” to use different materials from a table at our booth to create a successful design of the lander.

Generous Leadership starts here.

By: Big Idea Project

Attendees experienced the need of Denver’s homeless youth and came up with “Big Ideas” that mattered. The Big Idea Project aims to break down the false perception that designing meaningful and practical solutions to big problems is only for the few and the brave. Anyone can come up with a Big Idea that impacts others and changes communities, and anyone can make their Idea come to life. This exhibit took students through an experience that mirrored what Big Idea Project students experience in and out of the classroom. The process guided students through 3 ‘stages’: clarify the problem, determine a root cause, come up with a solution.


By: Denver Gives Foundation, Powered by: Wayin

Denver Gives Foundation provided an Interactive “Selfie” booth where individuals or groups learned about one small and local charity, to help raise awareness for that charity by taking a selfie and posting it on Social Media. Denver Gives believes that youth can make a difference, and in order to show them just how easy it is to make a difference, they used a “tool” most youth use already, the “Selfie”. Attendees were provided with a list of small charities sorted by category (Animals, Children, Veterans, etc.) and asked to choose one to promote by taking a SELFIE and posting the handle or hashtag of the charity, the #giveofyourselfie hashtag. The exhibit was powered by Wayin, a platform that aggregates all the hashtags across platforms on the giveofyourselfie.org website, where youth were able to see their posts in real time as a collective.

Go Live Challenge

By: TEDxYouth@MileHigh Youth Board | Sponsored by: Live Basil

The purpose of this experience was to get students to interact face to face while doing different challenges. These challenges aimed to help students step out of their comfort zone while giving them a message that reminds them that they can make new friends without the help of social media. Prizes for engagement were provided by Live Basil.

Interactive Street Arcade

By: OhHeckYeah!

OhHeckYeah uses the power of play to strengthen the social, physical and economic fabric of place. Studies continually show that play of any kind makes us more creative, curious and happy. It even contributes to helping build trust between strangers. Play is a powerful way to create human connection; a need that is even more fundamental and basic than food or shelter. Their mission is to integrate play into the built environment to produce communities that are more connected, creative and fun.

Listen Today. Change Tomorrow.

By: Cadence & Cause

Cadence & Cause is a digital platform that connects music artists, fans and worthy charities together to measurably change the world. Their mission is to use music to change the world, not at some point in the future, but right now. Cadence & Cause hosted a live Dj performance, by Jason Bendewish, where attendees were able to engage with the artist and ask questions on the artistic process and music technology.

Live Screen Printing

By: Indyink

Indyink operated a live screen printing production set-up, presenting a craft-based form of hand-done manufacturing. Students brought existing garments to use as the printable material, incorporating the idea of renewal through creativity.

Name that Plant

By: Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is a living museum that reveals cool things about plants through our living and preserved collections and science research in Teen summer volunteer opportunities at the Gardens and a Teen Science Café events that bring together students in the Denver area to learn what our scientists do.

Tablets showed zoomed in photos of fungus, pollen, petals and students were asked to guess what each image represented.

Plants Up Close and Gross

By: Denver Botanic Gardens

This exhibit featured a microscope with projected image of magnified hairs on plants or other oddities.

Plant Freak Show

By: Denver Botanic Gardens

Reminiscent of a plant horror show, this exhibit showcased living and preserved specimens that are creepy, gross, carnivorous or mutated.

Nuclear Power Tinkerer

By: Farnsworth Downs Technology

Siouxsie Downs and Conrad Farnsworth are passionate about nuclear power. This dynamic duo, co-founded Farnsworth Downs Technology to bring their work to market. Farnsworth Downs Technology was founded with the goal of clean, portable energy in mind and uses designs and research already conducted in national labs to construct a fully-operational, portable reactor. Attendees were able to interact with Downs and Farnsworth by having the opportunity to ask questions and see their nuclear power technology up close.

Repurpose to Originals

By: Tarazzo Vintage Original

At this exhibit, artist Brett Matarazzo demonstrated to students how to rework vintage items and create art as fashion, and non-traditional dimensional wall hanging art out of these repurposed products.

Rise Above

By: Rawh Brand + West High School

Rise Above, was an interactive live mural collaboration led by West High School Mural Club and artist, entrepreneur Ratha Sok. Engaging the audience to build off “Ideas Unbridled” theme by co-creating a community mural.

Seed Tree

By: TEDxYouth@MileHigh Sustainability Team

The sustainability team sought to counteract the carbon footprint of TEDxYouth@MileHigh event by encouraging everyone in attendance to plant seeds. Once the seeds grow, they will theoretically consume carbon dioxide equivalent to the amount put out by the event. The seeds were distributed through a display that was a model of a tree.The leaves were made of seed paper, a type of paper that has seeds embedded in it which can be planted directly into the ground. Each participant were able to take a leaf home to plant and watch bloom.

Social Unbridled

By: Wayin

Wayin is a social intelligence company that integrates social content into new experiences. Attendees were able to see their social content, as well as their peers, in the form of photos and tweets in real-time at the event on two large projection screens.

Sound of Science

By: RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers)

The sound of Science looks at the incredible variety of topics and subjects musical instruments can be used to support, as well as sharing a host of fun and affordable homemade instrument ideas.

Attendees learned how to make some fun upcycled instruments, and discovered the wide range of subjects and standards they can be used to support. These upcycled musical instruments were fun and educational to both make and play.

Where the Extra and the Ordinary become Extraordinary

By: ReFrame Creative Reuse Center

ReFrame’s idea was to introduce attendees to the concept of creative reuse by providing literature, visual, and hands-on opportunities to create art with materials that may otherwise end up our landfills.