Composer & Musician

Xiren (pronounced seer-rin) is an internationally touring Irish-American rock/pop artist cut from the same cloth as U2, MUSE, Sting, & Peter Gabriel. Described as “Probably the Best Male Vocalist in Colorado…fantastic” by Denver columnist Jedi Bongo. Packing a counter tenor, the best musicians/entertainers in CO and national level computer assisted stage production; his live show peels the paint off the walls and always leaves the audience wanting more. The first single from his latest album, TRIP-R, charted for 6 weeks at #8 on national Modern AC Radio [FMQB] in the US against major label artists – extraordinary for an independent artist! Relevance is the quality he’s always enjoyed about great music – the ability to generate an experience that crosses cultures, political and religious perspectives, and always allows whatever interpretation is needed by the listener. Last year Xiren had a disastrous tour of India (read: India scam) followed by a coast-to-coast US tour which ended abruptly in a catastrophic tour bus accident. By hauling portable recording equipment throughout India and on the bus, he was able to capture the love, grief, rage, sensuality and hope from those experiences and translate them into a scorching pop/rock album. Xiren is also an avid Yogi and holds the rank of Shodan in a traditional style of Japanese Ninjutsu. During last year’s India and US tours he managed to keep a rigorous workout schedule while on the tour bus.

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