Woody Roseland

Entertainer + Filmmaker

Woody is a natural-born entertainer constantly socializing and telling jokes much to the chagrin of virtually every teacher he ever had. Once Woody reached high school he started playing football and quickly moved up the ranks seeing varsity playing time in just his sophomore year. As Woody trained for his senior year of high school football, a nagging pain in his left leg left his doctors, trainers and coaches puzzled. Eventually a biopsy showed that the pain that had sidelined Woody was a rare form of bone cancer. Woody immediately started an intense regimen of chemotherapy along with a complete knee replacement that ended his football career. The cancer returned four separate times, each with its own unique set of challenges. In June of 2011, a four inch tumor was discovered in Woody’s left calf, requiring immediate amputation. During his time in the hospital is when Woody first realized that his affinity for comedy could be combined with his experiences enduring the hardships of chemotherapy. He initially honed his skills by talking and joking with his doctors, nurses, and fellow patients. He now shares his message of hope, perseverance, and positivity everywhere from charity fundraisers, corporate events, to school assemblies and hospital rooms.

Woody Roseland Headshot

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