Theo Wilson

Slam Poet

Theo Wilson’s passion for the art form makes his live performance uniquely impactful among spoken-word artists. A relative unknown Theo shook up the Slam Poetry world by taking 5th in the International World Poetry Slam, 2009 as “Lucifury.” He is a founding member of Denver Slam Nuba. Their first year out, they saw finals stage at the National Poetry Slam in 2007, and have been a fearsome force in Slam ever since. They have gone on to win countless regional titles since. A native of Denver, Colorado, his introduction to spoken-word occurred at the N.A.A.C.P. ACT-SO Competitions. He spent his teenage years as a community activist with the Denver N.A.A.C.P. Youth Council, and got his introduction to public speaking in various rallies and protests. His knack for public speaking has grown into a full time passion. He can still be found in the community, teaching poetry workshops at elementary schools, high schools, universities and correctional facilities all across this nation. Lucifury is an accomplished stage and film actor, and has been in several main-stage productions at Denver’s prestigious Shadow Theatre Company, Cleo Parker Robinson’s stage, and in the traveling company of the St. Louis Black Repertory Theatre. This stage training and theatrical foundation is apparent in the power of his live performance.

Theo Wilson Headshot

Garden of the Gaiah

Woman: An Ode to the Feminine