Teju Ravilochan

Unreasonable Leader

Teju is co-founder and CEO of Unreasonable Institute, which runs mentor-driven bootcamps for entrepreneurs tackling social and environmental challenges. At five-week programs, vetted cohorts of entrepreneurs live in one house while learning from 50 visiting mentors. Ranging from the chairman of Whole Foods to the founder of three startups with IPOs over $1 billion, mentors advise entrepreneurs for at least six months. Entrepreneurs also connect with 100+ funders and have raised over $72 million in total. Some 93 companies from 45 countries have participated, and have collectively affected the lives of more than 7 million people. Unreasonable Institute is also now running five-week institutes in Mexico and Uganda, and running five-day miniature institutes called “labs” in eight countries.

Teju Ravilochan Headshot

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