Scott Fulbright

Sustainable Scientist

Scott Fulbright has spent the last 10 years in the algae bioproducts industry, leading research and developing projects with the goal of optimizing algae growth for biofuels. In 2008, he did product development at an algae biotechnology company that raised $17 million during the development phase. He co-founded Living Ink in 2013, a company that develops sustainable ink technologies from algae. Living Ink has won several awards including the Department of Energy Cleantech Competition.

Here he talks about our shared responsibility for sustainability and the importance of dancing with your kids. Every day we are surrounded by ink; it’s on magazines, newspapers, billboards, packaging, products, food, and clothes. The list is seemingly endless, but what is ink made of? Petroleum, a fossil fuel that never biodegrades. As a biologist who studies algae, Scott just might have stumbled upon a solution to this sustainability blindspot.


Scott Fulbright Headshot

Is algae the ink of the future?