Nurul MohdReza

Energy Pioneer

Nurul MohdReza, 18, is an aspiring inventor dedicated to sustaining and preserving the world’s energy needs through the use of bacteria.  By the age of 16, Nurul developed a prototype of a specialized, single-celled microbial fuel cell. She created this electrochemical device that produces electricity through the clarification of wastewater. Nurul has presented her research at numerous water conservation and sustainability conferences, and was awarded second place at the International Science and Engineering Fair in 2013. Her continuing research will assist in the evolution of biotechnology and develop a greater understanding behind bacterial power production. Nurul hopes this device device will sustain the energy requirements of wastewater treatment plants all over the world.

As a high school student, Nurul is a two-time President of Student Council and the captain of the debate team. Nurul competed at the 2013 Nationals in Speech and Debate and is also an active member of her Mock Trial Team which competed at the 2014 Colorado State Mock Trial Competition. She lives in Greeley, Colorado with her mother and three siblings.

Nurul MohdReza Headshot

Turning Wastewater into Energy