Mandy Straight

Interior Designer

Mandy Straight has been referred to as “the colorful sheep” in the family; an onion-peeler; a purpose-seeker; a super-nerd with an insatiable curiosity for life who truly believes that Einstein teaches us as much about ourselves as Chanel. And that Oprah is just as valid for insight and inspiration as DaVinci. As a naked ontologist, Mandy speaks, writes and conducts workshops that spark a journey inside what it means to BE, independent of the labels that get in the way of a more complete perspective. With a background in French, math, theater and a childhood full of books, her explorations include everything from Plato to pop culture from Rumi to zombie in addition to Harry Potter and fashion trends. Her 11 years of interior design work focuses not on the “stuff” in each room but on the life that it facilitates and the future it inspires for each individual client. She agrees with Churchill that, “We shape our spaces, thereafter they shape us.”

Mandy Straight Headshot

Putting Visual Mantra to Work for You