Lauren Constantini

Neuroscientific Technologist

Lauren Costantini began college as a dance major, but while auditioning for Broadway shows, she was told “you’re a good dancer and a good singer, but you’re too short for Broadway.”  So a few years and a Ph.D. later, she became a neuroscientist. Focusing on treatments for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other brain diseases, her lab at Harvard Medical School discovered breakthrough treatments, but they languished on the pages of medical journals and never reached the patients that needed them most.  A move from academia to industry allowed Lauren to translate these discoveries and successfully bring several products from bench to patients. But this still not fast enough; she then launched her consulting firm and worked with more than 40 startup companies, moving several therapeutics in parallel into the hands of those in need. Lauren sees the advent of wearable sensors as an opportunity to improve lives even faster.

Lauren Constantini Headshot