Jeremy Bloom


Jeremy Bloom specializes in moving fast and making an impact. Jeremy began his career in professional athletics as both a skier and football player. While playing with the NFL in Philadelphia, he completed a business entrepreneurship program at Wharton Business School where he studied real estate and finance. In 2009, Jeremy launched, a health portal creating a dialogue between health experts and people throughout the world. MDinfo’s goal is to help 1 billion people worldwide by connecting them with medical professionals. Jeremy also has a driving motivation to give back to those around him, and just one outcome of this is Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime foundation. The foundation was founded as a living memorial to his grandmother and grants wishes to low-income senior citizens. Next up was Integrate achieved great notoriety from the beginning. Within a few short months, this technology platform had more than one thousand partners and had expanded into nearly every facet of performance marketing. Through his leadership and the developmental efforts of the technical team, Integrate came into the space with a bang.

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