Jeff Olson

Agriculture Activist

Jeff Olson is an accidental urban agriculture activist. Like many, he grew up surrounded by agriculture and ran away from it. Some 30 years later, when his business mentor and corporate partner bought a patented way to grow food, Jeff thought this is what Steve Jobs would do if he were a farmer. He would leverage design, grow beautiful food, make growing it cool and scale it. Jeff is a social and business entrepreneur and proud father of three daughters. After successful careers in professional athletics, money management and technology, he and his wife founded Well Nourished Worldwide in 2000 to deliver a new standard in health food and its business.  Jeff was co-founder of the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission, the predecessor to LiveWell Colorado, and serves on the boards of the Jimmie Heuga Endowment; Turn the Tide Foundation; and the Colorado Olympian and Paralympian Association. He is also a strategic advisor to Veterans to Farmers.

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