Evan Walden

Social Entrepreneur

Evan Walden is a connector who is deeply passionate about helping people find what they’re looking for. After finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont, Evan moved to LA and joined the ranks of corporate America.  While working for a FORTUNE 50 corporation in 2011, he started to notice the way his coworkers and friends were justifying a separation between their work and their values. He recognized that those who were the happiest and most productive were the ones who hadn’t made this sacrifice, but that many people were settling for work that felt empty and unfulfiling for the sake of a paycheck. This inspired Evan to quit his job, move to Boulder, CO, and co-found ReWork. ReWork connects exceptional professionals to organizations that are aligned with their values. By facilitating these relationships, Evan sees the potential for a monumental shift in the way we will come to define work in our time.

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Shift Work