Ashlynn Damers

Slam Poet

Ashlynn Damers, 19, began writing and performing poetry at the age 15. A Colorado native, she has been a part of Denver’s youth performance poetry team, Minor Disturbance, for two years. Minor Disturbance has been ranked number one internationally for two years running, competing against both foreign and domestic teams. Not only does Ashlynn succeed in performance poetry, but was also captain of her high school speech and debate team, which made it in the top ten two years running, and took second place in her final year, at the CHASSA state competition. She has been featured for her works at the Zakat Foundation’s Humanitea Time advocating for world change. Also on her social agenda, she performed for The Conflict Center’s 25th anniversary honoring the Flowbots’ Johnny Five for his work in the Denver-metro area maintaining peace. She hopes to one day become a philanthropist speaking to women’s issues, as well as social equality.

Ashlynn Damers Headshot

Words Spoken from the Heart and Mind