Andrea Moore


Andrea Moore makes art, and makes art happen, as a writer, performer, photographer, and producer. She is passionate about using creativity as a means for cultural activism, and works to foster connections and dialogue across social and cultural lines. In addition to running her own arts company, she operates The Detached Garage artist-in-residency program, which targets and empowers emerging artists and brings art to Denver’s Clayton neighborhood. She is also a co-founder of the No One Way Arts Collaborative (N.O.W.), which designs 72-hour collaborative retreats for artists to develop innovative, relevant art in both online and community settings across the country. Moore has a degree in Theatre Studies from Boston University, and her work in the theatre profoundly influences all her artistic choices.


In addition to her creative pursuits, she is passionate about working with children and young adults, having worked at Adam’s Camp, an organization serving the special needs community, and has a deep passion for travel.  She seeks out opportunities to visit remote locations in developing countries, and deeply appreciates communicating and connecting with people across cultural lines.  She supports the work of UgandaProject, which provides free education, housing, mentoring, and basic needs to students who have been orphaned, mostly due to the AIDS epidemic.  Moore’s long-term vision is the culmination of all her endeavors: a retreat center that plays host to an artist-in-residence program, a community learning space, and a children’s art and outdoor adventure camp.

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Inside the Raft