Amy Adele Hasinoff

New Media Researcher

With each new technology, we must adapt to new privacy concerns. Today, there are growing social and legal debates over sexting, especially among teenagers. A speaker at our previous Make + Believe event, researcher Amy Adele Hasinoff asks the question: is sexting really the problem, or are we focusing on the wrong thing?

Amy Adele studies media and culture to investigate how we interact with the onslaught of new media and how it affects the way we develop, use, and regulate communication technologies. She’s the author of Sexting Panic, a look at the well-intentioned but problematic responses to sexting in mass media, law, and education. Her research appears in journals like New Media & Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and Feminist Media Studies. Amy is also an assistant professor in the Communication department at the University of Colorado Denver.

Amy Adele Hasinoff Headshot

What can sexting teach us about privacy?