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Host FAQs

What is provided by TEDxMileHigh and what does the Adventure host provide?

TEDxMileHigh will provide marketing leading up to this Adventure via our social media channels and press outreach. There will be TEDxMileHigh staff and/or volunteers onsite during the Adventure to make short announcements, take photos and video, and ensure a positive experience.  The RSVP process and post-event feedback will also be handled by TEDxMileHigh.

Adventure hosts will need to determine the venue and content of the Adventure, invite any necessary speakers, help market the event, and provide all materials and handouts to ensure a thorough experience.  TEDxMileHigh cannot provide any cash or cover any costs, such as a venue rental fee.  Attendees will not be charged for attending.

How many attendees are expected at the Adventure?

Adventures will have a minimum of 5 attendees and a maximum of 25 attendees, with the most common attendance being 20 people.  The Adventures are free to attend, but require an RSVP.  There are usually a few people who have RSVP’d but do not show up. Please plan accordingly for any activities to ensure you do not run out of materials.

What should hosts expect for load-in/set-up and tear-down/load-out?

Please bring enough staff to load-in and set-up for your Adventure.  If you have heavy or large quantities of materials, it will be helpful to bring a dolly with wheels and/or transporting crates.  TEDxMileHigh volunteers and staff may be available to help upon request.

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