Experience: Is Minimum Wage a Living Wage?

By Filmon Merid / Categories: / October 25, 2016

University of Denver – Colorado Women’s College Collaboratory (CWCC) has been serving women and girls for the past 126 years, with a mission to educate women to boldly lead in the communities where they live, work, and engage. For 2016, the CWCC reported on new research: “The Impact of a $12.00 Minimum Wage on Women in Colorado”.


Tell us about why the CWCC is participating in TEDxMileHighWomen It’s About Time.

Engaging with the attendees! We’re excited to share our research on the impact on women of raising the minimum wage here in Colorado, and to have everyone use our minimum wage calculator to see what it would be like to try and pay their monthly expenses earning minimum wage. And we want attendees to give us ideas for future research projects focused on gender equity and women’s advancement. As a collaboratory, we want to engage with people!

What is your message you want to share with attendees? 

The vision of the new Colorado Women’s College at DU is to be a global leader in advancing women in the 21st century through transformative education, leadership development, public good work, and collaborative research.  We believe that gender equity is a social justice issue for all and believe full gender inclusivity should benefit both women and men.

What does CWCC hope attendees walk away with or look to get out of your exhibit/experience?

We hope they will gain an appreciation for how hard it is for anyone trying to support themselves or a family while earning minimum wage, especially as the cost of living here in Denver has been increasing. TED talks are known for listening to other people’s stories, and putting yourself in other people’s shoes for a brief time. We hope that people will do that after visiting our experience – really put themselves in the shoes of a woman trying to make ends meet on a minimum wage of $8.31/hour – or even at $12.00/hour, which we’ll all be voting on here in Colorado this election.