Experience: How to Live Digitally – Easily

By Filmon Merid / Categories: / October 25, 2016

Still under development, Appy is here to rescue any and everyone who needs a true hand to hold (figuratively and literally) when navigating and conquering the technology age. Appy gathers smartphone savvy Millennials, known as appsters, who can provide individual in-person learning support related to mobile technology. Effective November 2016, Appy plans to go live with an interest in the Colorado community – and hopefully the world. The Appy team hopes to overcome the digital lag many aging consumers enter and encourage a millennial connection.


Tell us about why the Appy is participating in TEDxMileHighWomen It’s About Time.

With Coloradans in mind, Appy understands how challenging it can be to set up, operate, and get the most out of today’s smartphone or tablet computers. It can be frustrating to know and use the apps best for people’s interests and needs. With a team of everyday savvy smartphone and tablet users, the Appy team loves helping others live productive, connected and happier lives with their technology and the TEDxMileHigh community is a part of that vision.

What does Appy hope attendees walk away with?

Connection and communication with family and friends is the crux of any relationship, and technology is a way to bridge that gap whether your near or far to the ones you love. In an ever growing world, Appy hopes to give attention to the ones in the crowd who want to would like guidance in navigating the technology wave. Appy will be there to provide a space where Appsters (read: tutors) can guide and support people with any devices. The goal is to help build a sense of confidence that will help anyone and everyone navigate technology from how to use the calendar app and Instagram or simply to decrypt the secrets of software updates.