Experience: Igniting Creativity and True Leadership

By Filmon Merid / Categories: / October 25, 2016

The Wellstone Studio (WS) believes in serving those who are always serving others, in their work, in their homes, and in their immediate or global communities especially people who desire to make a big impact on the world—leaders, entrepreneurs, and other heroes who devote their lives to a larger purpose. The biggest problem for mission-driven people? They tend to come last on the list and being last on one’s own list often leads to creative and emotional burnout, a sense of overwhelm, and succumbing to “The Hustle”.


Tell us about why the WS is participating in TEDxMileHighWomen It’s About Time.

The Wellstone Studio is so excited to help people step into true leadership and ignite creativity and innovation in their work and life. It’s an honor to share “The Art of Visibility & Leadership” with other women who really want to have a huge impact in the lives of other people.  

What is the message you want to share with attendees? 

Too often we define leadership as something that’s completely different than who we are. We agree to particular rules about what leadership is and who is “allowed” to act as a leader. This just doesn’t work if we’re looking to have a big impact, because we are, in fact, playing quite small. So it is no wonder we end up overwhelmed, disconnected, and deprived of inspiration.

In order to experience freedom in our work and lives, and in order to have the kind of powerful impact we are called to have, we must step into True Leadership and Authentic Visibility. We must recognize that we are the creators of our reality. When we own our creative power by putting it to active use across life’s dimensions, external success and internal satisfaction and fulfillment become part of our reality now.

What does WS hope attendees walk away with?

I hope this experience inspires people to experience Leadership in a whole new way, a way where they can see that they are a Leader in their life and work. Creativity and Inspiration are key to True Leadership. They will be able to apply this process to any area of their work and life to see where they’re at in their Big Vision and begin to make shifts that will bring them into closer alignment with the kind of life that feels expansive and aligned.

Shannon Boyle, Founder

Shannon Boyle is a lifelong artist and chronic over-thinker with unquenchable curiosity about nearly everything. Always seeking new ways to serve and connect herself, she has a deep appreciation for her clients’ need to show up with a sharp brain and a full heart. As an artist and therapist, she loves to engage in the creation/destruction cycle of changes in life, and is passionate about congruence—the deep sense of engagement and alignment that guides a life worth living.

As an adult professional, Shannon sees herself and others putting off or dismissing what brings joy in favor of responsibility, duty, and the ever-growing list of “should’s and have-to’s.” She has found that The Art of Visibility & Leadership is one of the most effective ways to step out of overwhelm and burnout and into the Visibility and Leadership that will help you expand your impact and experience more freedom in your work and life.