Experience: the Honeycomb Sisterhood

By Filmon Merid / Categories: / October 24, 2016

The Honeycomb Sisterhood is a lifestyle & community built on the foundation of self-love and acceptance, with an ultimate goal of believing communities function best when each individual is aware of their personal power and self-worth–the sooner each member believes it, the better. The Sisterhood is devoted to making personal growth a daily activity in the lives of fellow sisters.

An exhibitor at our It’s About Time event, aims to activate acceptance and inspire self-love within the attendees through positive self-talk, inspiring habitual self-reflection, and fostering a healthy and meaningful community.


Tell us about why the Honeycomb Sisterhood is participating in TEDxMileHighWomen It’s About Time.

Participating feels like a dream come true. I have to give you a quick back story so you can really understand why. Back in June, I (Erica) attended my first TEDx event here in Denver, Make + Believe. I was blown away. The event was orchestrated beautifully, the speakers were captivating, and the exhibits were inspiring. I thought to myself, I NEED to be part of this community. When I heard about the Women’s event shortly after, I immediately signed up to be part of their volunteer program. The very helpful coordinator, Angela Bruns was kind enough to get to know me a little more beyond the first email. I shared with her Honeycomb Sisterhood, a passion project of mine, and she then passed our mission along to the Experience Director Tracy Kolker. Like magic, Tracy opened her arms and accepted Honeycomb Sisterhood into the TEDxMileHigh family. I’m so thankful that we have this incredible opportunity to extend our reach to so many members of the TEDxMileHigh community in just one day. We are honored to be part of an event in which celebrates the women of our Denver community! Participating makes us feel honored and supported. It really is a dream come true.

What is the message you want to share with attendees? 

Honeycomb Sisterhood is a community passionate about the power of self-love and acceptance. We believe that a strong community begins with each individual’s knowledge of self-worth and the sooner their power is acknowledged the better. We hope to reach girls and women of all ages to to cultivate a holistic community which is encouraging and free of judgement.

What do you hope attendees walk away with or look to get out of your exhibit/experience?

A stronger sense of self-worth with the tools to manifest their dreams to life. We are hoping girls and women of all ages will Join the Hive and become a supporting member of our community. It is a platform to share ideas & stories, promote the TEDxMileHigh mission, and encourage other sisters to be the BEST version of themselves. Support and follow us on Instagram @honeycomb_sisterhood and we would love to follow you back. Partner with us at an event or just reach out at [email protected].

Erica Brooke Stern, Co-Founder & CEO

Erica has been dreaming up Honeycomb sisterhood since High School. She has a strong interest in creating a community of women and girls who empower each other to reach their highest potential. Without softening the reality, she hopes to help guide girls into self-love. Mentoring and pushing people towards their purpose is one of her intuitive passions. Practicing non-violent communication and mindfulness for the past few years, a profound sense of empathy has developed and she’s driven to share that with others. Passionate about mission based work – specifically in interpersonal relationships. She dove into books like Joyful Wisdom by Rinpoche and Dialogue by David Bohm. Her communication studies at Arizona State University laid the foundation for her fascination with inter and intra-personal relationships. After graduating and during a trip in Thailand, she stumbled upon the process of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg which peaked her interest in self-empathy and the power of accepting oneself.

Talya Reynolds, Co-Founder

Talya is a trained mediator and group facilitator with a BS in Communication. Talya is passionate about utilizing communication to change the dynamics of our daily internal conversations with ourselves about our lives. After college, Talya pursued becoming a Transformational Life Coach where she discovered the art of visual and guided meditations. She discovered the powerful combination of bringing awareness to language and action in everyday life. When Talya met Erica and heard her vision for Honeycomb Sisterhood, it was an immediate fit. They want to create a community where women can experience honest & compassionate conversations with themselves and each other.