Experience: A Conversation Café

By Filmon Merid / Categories: / October 24, 2016

A Table In Time brings conversation back to the forefront, promoting the lost art of listening to each other and sharing ourselves around the table. As an exhibitor at our It’s About Time event, A Table In Time offers to creatively connect the TEDxMileHigh community through conversation. At the experience, the Conversation Café, participants will adventure into the glorious world’s found in each of us, and through conversation aim to integrate personal “take away” from speakers talks, cultivating trust and understanding for broadened possibility in our work and lives.


Tell us about why A Table in Time is participating in TEDxMileHighWomen It’s About Time.

A Table in Time is super psyched to see women gather to explore, ponder, converse and integrate the inspiration and lessons from the TED talks into their psyche. Women offer the world so much yet our frenetic pace prevents us from taking a moment to celebrate and acknowledge ourselves and place in the world. At the Conversation Cafe, we’ll bring our best full selves to the table. I so enjoy witnessing women having a chance to express their wonderful selves and reciprocating with an open kind demeanor and strong listening ear.

What is the message you want to share with attendees?

With a little effort and courage, everyone can connect through conversation. When we listen to each others’ stories, we feel affirmed, valued and part of the bigger whole. Conversation brings joy and laughter and who doesn’t like that in life!

In addition, introverts and extroverts are both needed in conversation so we should get out of our comfort zone regularly. It’s not as hard nor scary as we might think and oh, so worthwhile to forge conversations. Through thoughtful dialog, solutions are forged and we feel hopeful.

How does one start a conversation in a room full of strangers?

Before venturing into the scary unknown room, it’s OK to “take stock” hanging nearby a wall or banister for a few moments, observing the room. While “gearing up”, consider a few questions you might sincerely be interested in asking someone in the room, such as, “What brought you here today?”

Remember people are inherently good. If we’re friendly, others will reciprocate as well as appreciate that we gambled on starting a conversation.

Look for a friendly face or another person standing alone.  It can be difficult to break into a group so scan a room for one or a two people standing together.

Initiate conversation with a smile and solid eye contact. Remember that everyone has a world within waiting to be discovered.  Truly.

Instead of asking, “What do you do?” reframe that question and ask, “Tell me about…what you enjoy about your work, what did you think about the presentations or what have you enjoyed about your day today,” for example. Listen well and you’ll know where to take the conversation next.

It has been said that having patience generates self-confidence. This adage applies when in a room full of strangers. Be patient and gentle with yourself. When ready, take a leap. The “jungle” is actually quite benevolent. Besides, if you don’t, who will? The time is now for bringing conversation into the world. As the day is about…”It’s About Time”.

amy-quinn-1Amy Quinn, Conversation Coach

Amy Quinn brings conversation back to the forefront, promoting the lost art of listening to each other and sharing ourselves over the table during a meal. Amy discovered her talent for connecting others together as a busy professional, cultivating relationships with peers at American Airlines, clients at Nestle and volunteers among numerous fundraising endeavors. These skills proved useful during the course of six corporate relocations within 13 years. Instead of running away, this Goldilocks creates room for conversation over just the right porridge.