TEDxMileHigh is expanding our team! Could you be our next Event Director?

By Josh Tyson / Categories: / August 11, 2016

We don’t love job descriptions at TEDxMileHigh. Truth be told, we don’t even like calling them jobs.

That said, we need someone to join the team to accelerate big ideas to create big impact—so call it what you will.

We have an extraordinary opportunity for an experienced, dependable, world class, and creative event management professional to join our team. Like the rest of us, this person will wear many hats; you will work closely with our core team, interns, partners, volunteers, and contractors. You’ll be out in the community, working with potential exhibitors to build a compelling experience for our attendees. Your role, broadly speaking, will be to solve problems and accelerate TEDxMileHigh’s mission of producing world-class events.

Specifically, you’ll be charged with leading our event management efforts, leading the team in overall event logistics, ticketing, catering and food needs, volunteer management, exhibitor relationships, VIP relations, and leveraging content across our platforms.

You Live, Breathe, and Sleep Event Management
You’re not only comfortable leading all aspects of a large, world class event, you’ve done this many times before. Perhaps you’ve run a festival or series of events, you are a solution master for any problem that comes your way.

You’re a Rare Right Brain/Left Brain Combination
You enjoy content in all of it’s forms, and finding creative connections and possibilities to spread big ideas. But, you also are pretty excited to get into nitty gritty details and make sure everything is executed perfectly for an event.

You Know What You’re Doing
You like telling stories, tapping marketing channels, and converting leads, but you love using marketing analytics and being able to quantify and articulate how successful you are at each, why, and at what cost.

You Get Things Done
This is not your first rodeo. You’re a multitasking machine. You own your work. You follow through on every request, no matter how big or small. You keep your cool under pressure and know how to prioritize your responsibilities. And when you need help, you’re not afraid to ask for it.

You Have a Team Ethos and Independent Drive
You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced start-up environment, with people who are passionate about their work and mission. You’re not just excited to work cross-functionally, you demand it. You’re also comfortable working independently, and getting it done and owning your role and responsibility. You know the buck stops with you, but you’re passionate about mobilizing teams toward a goal.

You Love Building Lasting Partnerships
You have built a number of lasting partnerships in past positions, both resulting in incredible collaboration and major financial benefit for the organizations you’ve worked with.

You’re Flexible—a Quick Responder
The messaging we’re pushing and conversation we’re starting is dynamic and each day brings fresh and exciting challenges. You can react quickly and efficiently when called upon to change or pivot. You like special projects and learning new things.

You Get Under the Hood
Our team digs deep. They do what’s necessary for quality. The integrity of our messaging is a core value, so your attention to detail must be impeccable.

You Believe That No Problem is Too Hard
You find ways to get it done. You know how to articulate and roll out solutions, recognizing there are many solutions to the same problem. You find new and effective ways to streamline and create processes to increase efficiency.

TEDxMileHigh is a community of engaged, active, driven individuals committed to ideas worth spreading in Colorado.

We promote inspired citizenship in our communities with the ultimate goal of creating a better, more connected Colorado. Since 2011, we’ve produced sixteen events for a collective audience of more than 19K thinkers and doers. Our talks online have been viewed 1.7M times through online channels, and our Facebook community is 38K active members.

While our mission is big, we try to keep things light. We have a happy, productive workplace, and we’re constantly trying to improve. You’ll find us hustling on the job, having deep related and unrelated conversations seeking life’s truths, and enjoying a laugh with a Colorado craft brew.

This is a paid, part time contract position with the potential to be full time for the right candidate with extensive Partnership building expertise.

Applications open until September 9th, 2016. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible!

For more information, email Nicole Dill, Operations Director: [email protected].